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How to Set Up Rental Sizes and Prices
This video shows how to set up rental sizes and prizes:
How to Set Up a Customer Rental Profile
This video shows how to set up a customer rental profile:
How to Set Up a Rental Booking
This video shows how to set up a rental booking:
How to Set Up a Rental Booking Print Layout
This video shows how to set up a rental booking print layout
How to Send a Rental Booking to an Invoice
This video shows how to send a rental booking to an invoice:
How to Create a Rental Package Sale Item
This video shows how to create a rental package sale:
How to Gain an Overview of Your Equipment Rental
This video shows how to gain an overview of your equipment rental:
Category: Rentals
Go to Data / Equipment Items / Find and Search for all of your rental equipment.
Select All of the results and then right click on those results and Export to Excel, as below
You might wish to deselect some of the Data Types that you can export such as Exchange Rate but you’ll definitely want those such as Description, Stock Type and Net Worth:
The, in Excel, sum the values that appear in the Net Worth column and you’ll have your rental equipment value.
To ensure correct valuation be sure that you have a value in the Net Worth field of each rental equipment item:
Category: Rentals
Making rental bookings from the trip
1/ highlight the customer(s) in question
Click the New Rental Booking option
If you’ll have already made the profile for the customer you can then use the Profile button in the rental booking to create the rental booking.
Category: Rentals
Go to the layout in Tools / Print Layouts
Then right click on the main blurb of the Rental Agreement:
Select Edit Text.
Enter the new wording you want in the box that will open up.
Note the merge fields for DiveCenter and Customer – these should be kept if you want EVE to populate the agreement with those details automatically.
Category: Rentals
First thing is to set up those late return fees on the Stock type form as below:
When checking in the late items you’ll be prompted.
You’ll need to enter the number of days penalty charge that you want to apply, as below:
EVE will then automatically create a “Late Return Penalty” rental booking that you can add to a sale by calling up the customer and looking under the Equipment Rental stock type:
Category: Rentals