Sales Overview

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand the different sections of the Sales Module.


The Sales Module forms the core of your dive center’s point of sale system.  Through the Sales Module, you can issue invoices, refunds, gift certificates, quotes and make account payments.

Receipts and invoices can be printed on any windows based printer and most specialized receipt printers. Connect a barcode scanner, barcode printer and cash-drawer to your PC to create the complete electronic point of sale system. Maintain accounts receivable and default Discount Bands for privileged customers.  A powerful Search Wizard allows all transactions to be easily referenced.  You can export your sales information to the QuickBooks accounting program or to Microsoft Excel.

Accessing the Sales Module

  1. From EVE’s main screen click on ‘Sales’.
  2. The main screen will change to give you the main menu items for Sales

 Sales image v1.1

What sections does the ‘Sales’ Module contain?


Use the Invoices section to enter new sales and find details of existing invoices.


Use the Quotes section to create new quotes for customers and to search for existing ones. A Quote can be used to give a customer an estimate of the price of certain goods.  The Quote can be printed and saved to the database.  When, at a later date, the customer decides to purchase the items, you can create an invoice based on the original quote and using the prices quoted. You also have the option have adding or removing items from the quote.

Gift Certificates

EVE will manage your gift certificates and allocate them against purchases. It will also alert you if a gift certificate has already been used or is invalid.

Gift Cards

A customer may purchase gift cards for themselves or for a friend or family member.  At a later date the card may be used as a payment method when purchasing goods.  As the gift card is used to make purchases, additional funds may be placed on the card.


You can allocate accounts to customers and manage them through EVE.

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