Backups Options

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will be to use the Backups tab to define the following database backup options:

  • When and what time the backup is performed
  • Specify where the backup is saved


Backups image v1.1

Use the Backups tab to define database backup options.

Perform Backup when EVE closes Check this box if you want EVE to take a backup when EVE closes.
…if not done for _ hours If you frequently open and close EVE, you may not want a backup to be taken every time EVE closes.  You can specify a number of hours here and EVE will only start the backup if one has not previously been taken within that number of hours.  The default value is 7 hours.
Backup To Specify the folder you want the backup created in.  Note: when you ask EVE to perform a backup, EVE passes on the request to SQL Server.  SQL Server actually performs the backup and so the backup file is created in a folder on the SQL Server computer, NOT the computer you are using.

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