Finding a Course Type

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand how to find a course type.


Click ‘Find’ next to Course Types:

Courses image v30.1

The ‘Course Type Search’ box will open:

Courses image v31.1

On the Search Criteria tab, you can search for a course using any of the following criteria. You can also search using more than one field.

  • Course Type
  • Prefix
  • Minimum Number
  • Maximum Number
  • Certifying Agency

When you have found the course type you want, click ‘Open’ to see all the details of that course:

Courses image v32.1

You can then move through the various tabs to see the details you need relating to that  course type:

Courses image v33.1

  • General – course type name, prefix, PIC OnLine Details, etc.
  • Details – the details you’ll want to track for this course type
  • Stores – in a multi-store environment you can see which stores this course type is available at
  • Module Types – the modules set for this course type
  • Documents – the documents available for staff and customers relating to this course type
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