Working on a Services Booking

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand how, as a service technician, to add information to a service booking.


Once a booking has been made, the record will be ready for the Service Technician to access and start work.

  1. In the Services screen, click on ‘Services Bookings’, ‘Find’.

Servicing image v15.1

  1. The ‘Service Booking Search’ box will appear. Enter information into any of the fields to search for the booking.

Servicing image v16.1

  1. The ‘Service Booking’ box will appear.

Servicing image v17.1

  1. Click on the tab for the item you are servicing

Servicing image v18.1

  1. In the highlighted section, shown below, you can enter:
    • The Technician’s name
    • Date that Work Started
    • Date that Work Ended
    • EVE automatically add in the next service date for the item. By default this is 12 months. This enables EVE to send out reminder emails using EVE Email Agent or the Customer Search Wizard.

Servicing image v19.1

  1. Use the buttons in the Cool Bar to enter information in the Action Taken section. You can also type in additional comments as required.

Servicing image v20.1

  1. If the item needs to be returned to a Manufacturer or Supplier, you can enter this information into EVE, including the expected return date.

Servicing image v21.1

  1. Once the service is completed, you will want to calculate the cost of the repair. Click on the ‘Parts’ button in the Cool Bar.

Servicing image v22.1

  1. EVE will now display a shortcut to servicing parts in the cool bar.

Servicing image v23.1

  1. Click on the appropriate button to search for parts that have been used for the service. These will be added to the ‘Parts’ window.

Servicing image v24.1

  1. Once the service is complete, click ‘Save’ and ‘Close’.

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