How to use the Certifications feature of the EVE Pro App

On the home page of the EVE Pro App click the ‘Certifications’ icon:

This will take you to the ‘Certifications’ main page and which will display all the students who have been certified by the EVE Pro App user or enrolled onto a course with EVE Pro App user.

The EVE Pro App user can manually scroll down the customer list or find a specific customer by typing their name into the ‘Search’ icon magnifying glass to use the filter option:

Clicking on a specific customer opens a new window with 4 tabs – ‘General’, ‘Enrollment’, ‘PIC Online’ and ‘Money’:

The ‘General’ tab displays:

  • ID (EVE database customer ID number)
  • Customer (student name)
  • Course Type
  • Certification Date
  • Certification # (PADI certification number)
  • Instructor
  • Status
  • Certification Type
  • Notes
  • Created
  • Last Updated

The ‘Enrollment’ tab displays:

  • Enrollment Status
  • Course # (EVE database course number)
  • Took Course Here?
  • Pre-registration
  • Referral?
  • From Store #
  • Referring Instructor #
  • Store Name
  • Store Email

The ‘PIC Online’ tab displays:

  • PIC Status
  • PIC Card
  • Return Card To
  • PIC Sent By
  • Data PIC Sent
  • Registration Code
  • Data Cert. Card Rec’d
  • Picked up by Student
  • Pick-Up Method

The ‘Money’ tab displays:

  • Course Price (Pre-Tax)
  • Course Price (Tax)
  • Course Price (Total)
  • Paid (Pre-Tax)
  • Paid (Tax)
  • Paid (Total)
  • Amount Owed

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