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How to Export EVE Calendar

To export your EVE Calendar to Google Calendar, please proceed as follows:

  1. Right click anywhere on the calendar
  2. Select Export
  3. Select the option you see fit for the purpose
  4. Click OK


This solution offers a static calendar integration and a new file will have to be uploaded each time you create a new course or modify the current calendar. For a dynamic solution, that synchronizes with your EVE database to display courses and trips in real time on an EVE website, then we recommend upgrading to EVE Enterprise.



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How do I add Interest in Con-Ed Courses on course completion?

When a course is marked “Completed”, you will be prompted to certify each student. For each student, you can add interest in con-ed courses. By default, EVE will present the list of courses where the course being completed is a prerequisite.

Therefore if, as an example,  you wish to add the Wreck Diver Specialty course to that list, please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Data
  2. Go to Course Type and click Find
  3. Select a course you wish to add as interest and double click to open it
  4. Select the General Tab
  5. Set the prerequisite course
  6. Click Save



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How can I measure my Con Ed?

The example below looks at divers converting from DSD to Open Water.
In the Customer Search Wizard look for those who have done DSD this year:
On the Results page, select all and then right click and add them to a Mailing List – useful here and in the Agent later – as below:
You now have a Mailing List of DSD 2017, for example, that you can use for all kinds of things – marketing, reporting, sales, etc.
One thing you can do is to see who has done OW:
or, perhaps more importantly, who hasn’t done OW:
So, in the example above, of 1487 doing DSD, 40 did OW, 1447 haven’t yet. And I can immediately send a MailChimp campaign to these 1447
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Can I set up automatic discounts for my Club Members

First, a discountable Customer Type of Club Member
should be set up. Go to Data / Customer Types / Find to do this and place a check in the Discountable? box
Please note that clicking Forward will reveal pictures accurately if they don’t display properly here.
Then, click on the Discounts tab, then Add, then select which Stock Types
and which Discount Band you wish to apply:
Customers of that type will then automatically receive a discount of the specified amount when they purchase any of those items from you.
To create Discount Bands in general, go to Inventory / Discount Bands / New and then create the appropriate discount:
The formulae are based on RP meaning Retail Price or TP meaning Trade Price.
Theses should be surrounded by square brackets – [ ] – and then the appropriate percentage added or subtracted.
For those items in Packages, you can either just not select Packages as a stock type that bears a discount… if you have packages in a separate stock type.
If not, you’ll need to go to each of the package stock items and manually set the price to the same as the standard retail price
FAQStockInv5.2 FAQCustomers20.4
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How do I produce Instructor Invoices for a course

You can configure EVE to calculate the amount you pay each instructor for teaching a module on a course. Before doing this you need to enter data into this section to define how those amounts will be calculated. For each module type and instructor you can define two figures:
• Base Cost (Pre Tax): the amount the instructor will get just for teaching the module.
• Additional Cost per Customer: an additional amount the instructor will get for each customer that attends the module
On any course, from the Toolbox at the bottom of the course screen select the Options button – crossed hammer and spanner – and choose Calculate Staff Module Costs.
Then print Instructor Invoice.
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How do I assign PADI Digital Codes to a Certification record

On any certification record – Courses module, then Certifications / Find – you’ll see an area where the appropriate digital code type can be marked – see below:
That code can then be entered on to the PIC OnLine tab of the cert record as below:
When processing the cert, you will then see 2 things:
a/ that the cert status is “valid”
b. that the Debit PIC column is unchecked showing that the cert will be processed without using one of your Online PICs:
FYI, any cert record can be opened from within this area by highlighting it can clicking the Open Certification record button at the bottom of the screen.
Also, FYI, this cert type and digital code can also be entered at the point of sale when booking a customer on to a course:
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