Accounts – Clearing

Clearing accounts:
Create a:
•Stock item
•Stock type
•Profit center
called ‘Account Write Off’ or similar.
“Sell” the ‘Account Write Off’item to the customer and put the value in the Unit Price to equal the amount you need to put back on to the customer’s account. On the Payments tab use the On Account payment
The ‘Account Write Off’ stock item should have a Stock Type whose Profit Center is marked as “Appear in Profit Center Breakdown Report’s Memo section”. This makes it obvious on reports that it was not a “Sale”.
For customers who “owe” you:
Then create a new invoice and sell the ‘Account Write Off’ item for negative the amount on their account
Use the On Account payment method and Save
EVE will decrement their account and you will see the ‘Account Write Off’ figure in the memo section on your Profit Center report so you know where the money went.
For customers you “owe”:
Then create a new invoice and sell the Account Write Off item or positive the amount on their account.
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