Profit Centres

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand the function of a profit centre, how to add new profit centres and how to find existing profit centres.


Profit Centres allow you to group stock items together, such as diving equipment, trips or courses.

Adding New Profit Centres

  1. To create a new Profit Centre, click on ‘Profit Centres’, ‘New’.
  2. The ‘New Profit Centre’ box will open

Inventory image v19.1

  1. In the General Tab enter:
    • Profit Centre – for example, diving equipment
    • You can also enter in your Quickbooks or MYOB account codes.
  2. In the Stores tab If you have more than one store, select the store(s) that this profit centre is used in.
  3. The Chart Tab shows you a chart of sales for these profit centres. 

Finding Existing Profit Centres

  1. To find an existing Profit Centres, click on ‘Profit Centres’, ‘Find’.
  2. Click ‘Search’ in the box that opens and EVE will display a list of all the Profit Centres you use.
  3. Double-click any Profit Centres and more information will be displayed.

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