Report Groups

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand how to run use and create new Report Groups to be able to generate a selection of reports to be run at the same time on a regular basis.


You may want to run a selection of reports on a regular basis. For example, at the end of each day you might want to run the Till Reconciliation report, Profit Center Breakdown report and Commission Report. Use the Report Groups form to group together a selection of reports that can all be run off at the same time.

Accessing Report Groups

  1. Go to File and from the drop-down menu, select ‘Reports Groups’.

Reports image v24.1


Reports image v25.1

  1. The Report Groups box will open

Reports image v26.1

  1. By default, EVE offers six standard Report Groups:
    1. Closing (and Test Closing)
    2. Daily Reports
    3. Weekly Reports
    4. Monthly Reports
    5. Yearly Reports
    6. Specify Range
  2. You can define which reports are included in each group. You can also create new groups and delete or modify existing groups.

Running a Report Group

  1. Select a Report Group
  2. Click the ‘Run’ button

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Creating a New Report Group

  1. In Report Groups, click the ‘New’ button

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  1. The Report Group box will open.

Reports image v29.1

  1. Enter a Group Name and Period (from the drop-down menu) for the report.
  2. Click Save and Close

Creating a New Configuration

  1. Select a Report Group, then click the ‘New Config’ button

Reports image v30.1

  1. The Report Group box will open.

Reports image v31.1

  1. Enter the following data, some required, some optional:
    1. Config Name (Required)
    2. Type – select the type of report
    3. Store
    4. Cost Centre
    5. Profit Centre
    6. Employee
    7. PC
  2. Click ‘Save’ then ‘Close’
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