Accessing the Customer Module

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand the different sections of the Customer module.


  1. From EVE’s main screen click on ‘Customers’.

Accessing the Customer Module image v1.1

  1. The main screen will change to give you the main menu items for Customers.

Accessing the Customer Module image v2.1

What sections does the ‘Customers’ Module contain?


Use the customer details section to enter details of new customers and find details of existing customers.


Use the Enquiries section to track customer interest in courses, trips, stock items, or other areas. You can use this information to analyze your customer’s interest areas and offer products and services to meet their needs. In addition, you can track follow-up activities, schedule reminders and track the results of customer contacts.


If the customer is part of a group you can link all members of the group with a common Group name. You could use the name of the group leader as the group’s name.

Contact Calls

EVE offers a powerful feature to help you connect with your customers. You can schedule contact calls or emails that will be made to customers. For example, a call could be scheduled to follow up on a continuing education interest expressed by the client. The proposed date/time, actual date/time and employee responsible can be logged.

Pop-Up Notes

Pop-up notes are a powerful mechanism to allow you to remind employees to give specific customers specific messages. For example, you could use a pop-up note to enter a customer’s birth date and have the note display each time the customer is brought up on a new invoice, rental booking, service booking, etc. for one month prior to his or her birthday. Alternatively, if a customer left behind their wallet last time they were in the store you could add a note that will pop-up to remind you next time they are in.

Dive Profiles

The Dive Details section of the Customers Module allows you to enter dive profiles and/or incidents relating to the specific customer.

Post code Lookups

The Post code lookups section allows you to search for and find customers based on their post codes or zip codes.
Note: this requires setting up before it can be used.

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