How do I map a network drive on Windows 10?

This procedure will guide you trough the steps required to map your network drive on your PC running Windows 10. Before you start the procedure, please make sure your VPN is running


1) Click Start

2) Click File Explorer


3) Make sure This PC is selected

4) Click Computer

5) Click Map Network Drive

6) In the Drive picklist, choose W: if that is available. Otherwise, choose an available drive letter.

7) In the Folder box type:

  • if you are located in the Americas, enter \\\ShareName$
  • if you are located in Europe, Middle East or Africa, enter \\\ShareName$
  • if you located in Asia Pacific, enter \\\ShareName$

and replace ShareName$ with the name provided by EVE Diving team

8) Make sure Reconnect at sign-in is ticked

9) Make sure Connect using different credentials is ticked

10) Click Finish


11) Click on Use another account

12) Enter the username we provided to you. This will be of the form: P004\Username

13) Enter the password we provided to you and click OK

14) You’ll now have a drive mapping that contains Library and StoreFiles folders. Library is read-only and contains some standard images and documents that you can reference. StoreFiles is your own area where you can copy files such as product images and waivers and releases, etc.