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EVE Agent

First, make sure the EVE Agent is in Windows Startup folder.


Then on the Options form of the Agent, make sure a User Name and Password are supplied and that the “Show Connection Form on Startup” box is not ticked.
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Yes, by doing the following:
a/ Put the sale in EVE
b/ Ensure the stock item(s) are marked as ‘yes’ for serial numbers
c/Then enter the serial numbers for the stock item(s) – in other words, the access pass.
So stock item(s) will look like this:
d/ When an item is sold EVE will prompt for the choice of the access pass / serial number
e/ The agent job is as follows:
Note that SerialNo needs to be checked
You can see that stock item ID number, as below:
Merge field needed in the email in Microsoft Outlook is:
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Let’s say you wish to create a new agent job, for a new course type or for a distinctive specialty course.

EVE 5.10 allows you to create a new job starting by cloning an existing one and use the filter tab to apply different course type settings.

First of all, make sure you have created a new campaign in MailChimp. Follow this guide to learn how to create a new Mailchimp campaign

Then, to clone an existing EVE Agent Job

1) Open EVE Agent and click an existing Agent job to select it

2) Click Clone

3) Click the General Tab

4) Click to Select Mail Chimp as system to send the email

5) Click the Look Up button to select your new campaign from Mailchimp

6) The List field will be automatically filled in as soon as you select a campaign

7) Enter a description of the job and make sure the Required confirmation box is unchecked



8) Click the Schedule tab

9) Select how often you wish to run the job. If this is a job that sends an email about a new certification, you want to run it every day

10) Select at what time you want the job to run


11) Click Data Source.

12) Select your data type. Certifications applies if you want to send an congratulations email to a student who completed a course

13) Select when you wish the job to run. In this case, it is 1 day after certification

14) Verify that CustID, FirstName, LastName and Email are selected. These merge fields are required.



15) Click the Filter tab

16) Verify that PICKey is select in the column

17) Enter the PICkey corresponding to the certification achieved by the student. To find out the PIC key for each course type, please follow this guide.


18) Click the Mailing Lists tab. You can use it to limit the group of people who will receive the email. You will also use it to make sure unsubscribers or bounced emails do not receive this email


19) Click on the Group Look Up button to assign this new job to a group

20) Select a group from the list

21) Click OK

22) Click OK to save the new job



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Please watch this video that outlines the process:

This video shows how to create a campaign in MailChimp:

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This video will guide you through the process:

This video shows how to create a MailChimp account and link it EVE:
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You need to tell EVE and MailChimp to talk to each other.
You can do that by getting something called an API Key from MailChimp and putting that into EVE.
Go to your Account settings in MailChimp.
Go to Extras and then as below:
Create an API Key and copy it.
In the EVE Agent, go to View / Options and then as below:
Enter that API Key you copied.
EVE Agent and MailChimp will then communicate with each other.
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