Launch of the EVE eLearning

EVE eLearning

All dive centres face the challenge of retaining the loyalty of their customers. In today’s ever tougher leisure market, promoting services to our customers is the key to sustaining business growth. To do so, the dive centre manager needs to understand who their customer is, what they want, and the best way to fulfil those desires.

EVE – your Electronic Virtual Employee – is the dive centre management system that helps you create and sustain customer relationships. Understanding your customers’ needs enables you to build better relationships and increase sales.

The Pareto Principle is a useful guide to focus our minds upon the true purpose of an effective customer relations management (CRM) strategy. Also known as the 80/20 rule, this states that 80 percent of your business revenue is provided by 20 percent of your customer base. Practically speaking, it means you should focus your efforts on the 20% and retain their long-term loyalty.

So, what does an effective CRM strategy for the dive industry require?

  • Information – EVE’s powerful database stores your customers’ sales history, contact information, records their interests, tracks their diver training; in short, provides you with the information to understand your customers
  • Search criteria – EVE’s in-built and customisable search engines allow you to cherry pick stored information and target specific customers with the right information
  • Marketing tools – whether via e-mail, text message, phone or land mail, EVE gives you access at the touch of a button to your customer base
  • Ease of use – designed specifically for the dive industry by people in the dive industry, one of EVE’s huge strengths is it’s simple point and click nature
  • Dive courses to market – promotion of PADI’s Continuing Education programs is the key to keeping divers active and maximising diver retention
  • Support – the technical support of the EVE team through website, e-mail and phone channels, and PADI’s support of dive centres through programs such as the Master Scuba Diver Challenge is unrivalled in the dive industry
  • You – your skills and enthusiasm as a leader in the dive industry bring all these ingredients to the boil

Getting the best from EVE and PADI and practising such a strategy will help you stay close to existing customers and win new ones.

So, what is EVE and how does it help?

EVE is a modular dive centre management system covering all the key areas of your dive business. Students, Customers, Courses, Sales, Purchases, Employee schedules, Lesson guides, Trips, Rentals, Servicing, a Calendar of all dive centre activity – EVE records, controls and monitors all aspects of your business operation..

Our prime focus here is to see how EVE can be the most powerful customer retention tool you’ll ever have and how the partnership between EVE, PADI and your dive operation can increase continuing education rates and help you to give more to, and get more from, your customers.

Put simply, EVE will increase the level of activity in your dive operation and maximise the income from that activity.

Creating Customer Satisfaction with a Click

So now you’re targeting hot leads with precise, tailored information. EVE helps you overcome “ad avoidance” – the current marketing term for what you and I call the “delete” button – by making sure the contacts you have with your customers are accurate, appropriate to their interests, and timely. EVE excels in this type of “one-to-one marketing”; it focuses on the individual customer, learning about the customer, and so develops a unique relationship with each customer.