Creating a New Services Booking

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand how to create a new servicing booking.


  1. In the Services screen, click on Services Bookings ‘New’.

Servicing image v2.1

  1. The Services Bookings box will open.

Servicing image v3.1

  1. The cursor is already in the Customer box. Click on the icon to the right to open up the Customer Search box.

Servicing image v4.1

  1. Here you can search for existing customers or create a new customer.
  2. Once you have entered a customer name and have returned to the Services Bookings screen, you will notice that the Cool Bar on the right-hand side of the screen has changed to the start date of the booking.

Servicing image v5.1

  1. Click on the date that the booking will start.
  2. The Cool Bar will change again and now you can select the number of days that the booking will take.

Servicing image v6.1

  1. Now you can add the equipment that will be serviced.

Servicing image v7.1

  1. If the customer has either purchased serviceable items from you or had a previous service for an item through your store, EVE will display these items in the cool bar. Simply click on an item to add it to the booking.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Search’ and/or ‘New Item’ buttons to add a piece of equipment to the booking.
  3. Whichever method you choose, once you have added the equipment a new tab will appear on the booking.

Servicing image v8.1

  1. Click on the tab to enter details about the equipment.

Servicing image v9.1

  1. Here the person taking the booking, can enter information regarding the nature of the fault, or if it is just a full service. You can also enter the intermediate pressure of a regulator, if you wish.
  2. You can also use the Notes buttons to quickly add common Instructions/Faults.

Servicing image v10.1

  1. If you want to provide an estimate for the customer you can add this as well.

Servicing image v11.1

  1. Once you have completed the booking, click the ‘Save’ button.

Servicing image v12.1

  1. The ‘Print Service Booking’ box will open.

Servicing image v13.1

  1. EVE will produce a Services Agreement, which can be printed or emailed

Servicing image v14.1

  1. During the booking, we entered an estimate of $150 for this booking. EVE automatically adds this into the Service Agreement.

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