Packaging Items Together

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand to create packages of items to sell.


Many products can be sold together as packages such as a BCD, Regulator, Alternate Air Source and Gauges for example. In EVE, an item can either be a package, such as BCD/Regulator Package, or it can be part of a package.

Creating a Package

  1. Create a new Stock Item, naming it as a BCD/Reg Package for example.
  2. Enter information as for any new item, as described earlier.
  3. In the Packages Tab, check the ‘This item is a Package?’ box

Inventory image v25.1

    • Use the Add and Remove buttons to edit the items that make up this package.
    • To open the stock item record of one of the package components, select it and click the ‘Open’ button.
    • If this is a product, click on the ‘Click Here to see Packages this item is in’ link in the top right-hand corner to see more details.

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