Purchase Orders Overview

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand how to access the Purchase Orders module and the sections contained within the Purchase Orders module.


EVE allows you to track your orders, deliveries and back orders, stock transfers between stores and special orders.

Accessing the Purchase Orders Module

  1. From EVE’s main screen click on ‘Purchase Orders’.

Purchase Orders image v1.1

  1. The main screen will change to give you the main menu items for Purchase Orders.

What sections does the ‘Purchase Orders’ Module contain?

Purchase Orders

Create, manage and send your purchase orders from within EVE. Use the Purchase Order Wizards to speed up your orders.

PO Deliveries

Track your deliveries and ensure that all items have been received. EVE will monitor your back orders too.

PO Invoices

Enter supplier invoices and EVE will ensure that all items on the invoice have been received. You can then export this information to Quickbooks and MYOB.


If you have more than one store, EVE will manage stock transfers between stores.

Special Orders

When a Customer buys an item that is not in stock, EVE will create a special order, linked to the customer.

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