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Payments “On Account” in EVE terms are when a customer buys goods and the total is placed on their account balance.
“Account Payments” in EVE are when a customer pays off part of that account.
1/ You’ll be able to see all “On Account” payment methods on the Till Reconciliation report accessed from File/Reports/Sales. You can run this over any time period you wish.
2/ If you wish to add a Note to this report showing which of the cash/check/credit card payments were actually Account Payments then you can do so.
To show the account payment amount on the Till Reconciliation report, open the ‘Sales Reports – Till Reconciliation’ report layout (by clicking Tools then Print Layouts)
Add a Label called ‘Account Payments’ and a TextBox called ‘AccountPayments’ to the Report Footer section – see below.
The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste the Sub-Total label and then copy and paste the SubTotal2 TextBox.
Then right click on each new field and ‘Rename’.
Let us know if you need more help with this
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