Adding Data Privacy Policy to your EVE Website

To add a Data Protection Policy to your EVE website you might first wish to download an example from the EVE Diving Website.

Log into the Downloads page.

Then look for the section towards the bottom of the page called GDPR.

Click the Download link –

This will download to your designated Downloads page on your PC a Word Document.

Next login to the CMS (Content Management System) of your EVE website.

Go to the Settings tab and then to Terms and Conditions:

Then copy the whole of the Word Document you downloaded into the Terms and Conditions box.

You can add this to the end of your current Terms and Conditions should you wish.

Ensure that you edit the 3 areas marked below:

  • the Store Name
  • the Date Last Updated
  • the Company Name
  • the member of staff responsible for data privacy


Them click Save at the bottom of the page.


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