How can I embed a map of dive sites in my region?

To embed a map of dive sites in your region, follow this simple procedure:

1)  Open this link to Google Maps. The link requires login to your Google account. We recommend using the same account used for your      website.

2) Click on Create New Map


3) Click on Untitled Map to assign a name to the map

4) Assign a name to the map. A description is optional

5) Click the Save button


6) The map must be public to be embedded on your website. To set the map public, click on +Share

7) Click on Change

8) Select On – Public on the web

9) Click Save

10) Click DONE


11) Use the Search box and zoom buttons to limit the map to your local area


12) Click on Add Marker

13) Drag the cursor to the position of your dive site

14) Assign a name to your dive site

15) Add a brief description of your dive site. You can also add a link to a web page on your EVE website

16) Click Save.


17) Repeat steps from 12 to 16 for each dive site in your map

18) Use the Edit button if you wish to edit the description of each dive site


19) Click on the Options button

20) Select Embed on my site


21) Copy the HTML code highlighted in blue

22) Open your EVE website, login to the CMS and open the webpage where you wish to add the map. Click on the HTML editor button

23) Paste the embed code in the HTML editor

24) Click Update


25) Save the webpage


Browse your website to the corresponding web page. Your map is now embedded to your website.





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