How do I deal with stock purchased in multiple or pack quantities but sold individually

2 stock items should be created.
One (the pack or multiple) for use with Purchases.
One (the individual) for Sale
Taking a length of rope as an example:-
So, first should be the full roll of rope at whatever length you might buy it in.
This should be marked on the Stock Levels tab as For PO:
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And should be the one used to order the rope.
The second should be the rope in the smallest increment they sell it in, whether ½ metre or 1 metre, say.
This should be marked as Maintain Stock Level but not For PO:
Flow is as follows:
1/ Order full roll of rope
2/ Check in rope when it arrives.
3/ Manually decrement the full roll by the number ordered. So, if ordered 2 rolls reduce no. in stock of full rolls by 2.
4/ Manually increment no. in stock of partial (e.g. ½ metre rope) stock item by whatever, in this example, is the length of 2 rolls of rope.
5/ Sell the ½ metre stock item to customers. Clearly, if the customer wants 20 metres, you sell 40 of this stock item.
6/ EVE will track sales of this stock item. When this ½ metre stock item reaches low level, reorder the full stock item and repeat the process.
(For profit and COGS sold report, the ½ metre stock item should have a cost price entered of whatever is the fraction of the overall cost that is the ½ metre proportion.)
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