How do I Merge Customer Duplicates

After import, should you have any duplicates (perhaps Dan Smith and Daniel Smith), please use EVE’s Merge Customers facility.
Click Customers on the left of the screen and then click Find.
This will open the Customer Search box as shown
with a full listing of all the customers on your database.
Click on the column header in the middle of the screen to sort the people in your database by Last Name.
If you have more than one record for the same customer, you can merge these records by doing the following:
Click on one customer record and the line will turn blue.
Then, holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, click on the other record you wish to merge. This line will now be marked blue also.
If there are 3 or more records of the same person, you can repeat this process.
Again, those line(s) will now be marked blue.
Now, right click anywhere on the dark blue lines to show the popup menu below and click Merge Customers
You will be asked to select which of the records you want as the ‘Master’ record. The data for the other selected customers will be merged with the Master’s and then those other customer records will be deleted, leaving just the Master record on the database.
All records of the following types will be merged:
Certifications, Credit Card details, Service Equipment, Vacation Interests, Course Interests, Mailing Lists, Equipment Profile, Special Interests, Accounts, Rental Bookings, Service Bookings, Dive Details, Transactions.
Please ensure you are the only person running EVE when you merge records.
You may also see information on merging records within the Help manual built into EVE; easily accessed by clicking Help / View Manual from the menu at the top of the screen.
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