How do I search for customers who have completed the OW course but not the AOW course

Go to Customers and then select Customer Search Wizard from the power bar at the bottom of the screen.
On the Certifications tab, select Open Water in the Certifications Obtained column and Advanced Open Water / Adventure Diver from the Certifcations NOT Obtained column
Please note that clicking Forward will reveal pictures accurately if they don’t display properly here
Click Search and then move to the Results tab and then you’ll find a list of all of these customers.
Should you wish to e-mail these customers, click Select All
From the options at the bottom of the results grid and then right click on the results and select the Email option
This will open the EVE / Email interface.
If you use Microsoft Outlook you’ll be able to send the e-mails individually – avoiding any spam issues – and with the [FirstName] merge field you’ll be able to personally address each of the e-mails.
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