Updating Multiple Records

In your inventory, you may have stock items that belong to the same stock type and are different only for the colour or the size.

These stock items can share the same description or image. To copy the image or description from the parent stock item to the children, follow the procedure outline below.

You will first assign a description to the Parent stock item

1) Launch EVE and click Inventory

2) Go to the Stock Item and click Find

3) Complete a Stock Item Search, by Stock Type and Manufacturer.

4) Double click on the Parent stock item

5) Click on the EVE OnLine tab

6) Click on the Product Details tab

7) Enter the Parent stock item description

8) Save the record



9) Stay in the EVE OnLine tab and click the Links Tab

10 ) Select the record for each child item you wish to update and right click on the selection

11) Click on Copy Parent’s note to children ( or copy parent’s image to children if you wish to copy the image)

12) Click OK




You can use Update Multiple Rows to correct this.
If you need to change a stock type from Dry suits to, for instance, Wet suits, then go to (in the Inventory Module) the Wetsuits stock type and note the ID number of that stock type:


Please note that clicking Forward will reveal pictures accurately if they don’t display properly here.
Then go to the Stock Item search from and call up all the stock items that are currently displaying as “dry suits” which you want to have under the “wet suits” stock type.
Select All of them:
And then right click on the Results and select Update Multiple Rows:
Check the StockTypeId box.
Enter the previously noted Wetsuits stock type ID in the Change Value To box and click Apply:
You can do this using the Update Multiple Rows feature.
First, you must test this on one stock item to ensure you have the results as you wish.
Go to the stock items in question – Inventory / stock items / find – and then select all and right click on the results.
Select Update Multiple Rows as below:
Select ManufacturerID as the field to update.
Enter that ID number in the Change Value To… box.
Click Apply.
See below:
You will need to have the ID of the manufacturer yo u wish to change to.
You get this from their supplier / manufacturer records as below:
Go to Inventory . Find and call up all relevant products.
Select All
Right click on Results
Choose Update Multiple Retail Prices as below:
Before doing this take a backup of the database in case you make an error.
Then, you can zero out all stock levels by selecting all stock items in Inventory / Stock Items / Find so call up all those stock items and then Select All.
Then right click on the results and choose Update Multiple… Stock Levels:
Please note that clicking Forward will reveal pictures accurately if they don’t display properly here
Then enter 0 as the new stock level and click OK:
As below for Suppliers – i.e. select the items in the Inventory search grid and then:

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