Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand how to create a new quote, find an existing quote and how to change an existing quote into a sales invoice.


Creating a New Quote

  1. To create a new quote, click on ‘Quotes’, ‘New’ in the Sales Module

Sales image v38.1

  1. The ‘New Quote’ screen will open. Note that it is very similar to a new invoice and you add products, courses and trips in exactly the same way. You start by adding a customer, followed by products. For more information, see the Invoices section.

Sales image v39.1

  1. Once you have added items to the quote, click ‘Save’. The ‘Print Quote’ screen will appear.

Sales image v40.1

  1. You can opt to print or email the quote for the customer.

Finding an Existing Quote

  1. To find an existing Quote, go to EVE’s main screen, click on Sales and select Find next to Quotes.

Sales image v41.1

  1. The Quote Search box will appear.

Sales image v42.1

  1. Enter data into any of the fields and click search.
  2. A list of Quotes matching the criteria you have entered will appear.
  3. Double-click the Quote you wish to view.

Changing an Existing Quote into a Sales Invoice

  1. Follow the instructions under ‘Finding an Existing Quote’ to locate and open the Quote you wish to work with.
  2. On the Quote, click the ‘Send to New Invoice’ button.

Sales image v43.1

  1. A new Invoice will open with a ‘Select Items’ box on top. You can decide to add all or just some of the items from the quote. For example, if you upsell the customer to a higher priced item.

Sales image v44.,1

  1. Click ‘OK’
  2. You can also add additional items if you wish.
  3. Follow the same steps as for a normal invoice to complete the sale.

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