Rental Reports

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand how to generate different rental reports.


Rental Report Types

Reports image v15.1

EVE contains the following Rental Report Types

Booked Items

This report shows all rental equipment booked out within a specified time period.

Checked Out Items

This report lists all rental equipment that is currently booked out.

Customers by Stock Type Rented

Periodically you may want to contact people who frequently rent equipment to see if they want to purchase it instead. You can use the ‘Customers by Equipment Type’ option to find people who have rented particular types of equipment and the amount they have spent on rentals.

Rental Reports Parameters

You can customise the Customers reports using the Parameters Tab.

Reports image v16.1 

  1. Period – Choose a time period using one of the presets or specify a date range.
  2. You can further filter Rental Reports using the following fields:
    • Store
    • Stock Type
    • Manufacturer

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