Special Orders

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand how to use EVE to create a special order when a customer purchases an item that is not currently in stock and how to track the special order.


When a Customer purchases an item that is out of stock, EVE allows you to create and track special orders.

Creating Special Orders

  1. During a sale EVE will advise you when you add an out of stock item to an Invoice, and ask if you want to create a Special Order.
  2. If you click ‘Yes’ EVE will add the Special Order and it will be available in the Purchases Module.
  3. When you open the Purchases Module, the Pending Special Orders quick link at the bottom of the screen will be flashing.

Purchase Orders image v22.1

  1. The Special Order Search box will open and EVE will display a list of your Special Orders.

Purchase Orders image v23.1

  1. Double-click on a Special Order to open it for more details.
  2. Create a new purchase order (Purchase Orders, New) and the New PO box will open.

Purchase Orders image v24.1

  1. Enter a Supplier and click on the Special Orders button.
  2. The ‘Special Order Search’ box will open, with a search for the Supplier selected earlier already showing results.

Purchase Orders image v25.1

  1. Double-click on special order to add it to the Purchase Order.
  2. Continue with the Purchase Order as described earlier.

 Deliveries of Special Orders

  1. When a PO containing a Special Order is delivered, EVE will alert you.

Purchase Orders image v26.1

  1. Click on the ‘Special Orders’ button and the ‘Special Orders Search’ box will open showing a list of the Special Orders.

Purchase Orders image v27.1

  1. Double-click on a Special Order and details of the Special Order will be displayed.

Purchase Orders image v28.1

  1. Click on the ‘Email Notification of Delivery’ button and a standard email will be created, detailing the order.

Purchase Orders image v29.1

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