Course Reports

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this lesson, students will understand how to generate different course reports.


Course Report Types

Reports image v13.1

EVE contains the following Course Report Types:

Course Details Report

This report is similar to the Course Report below except that is also lists each customer registered on the courses.

Course Report

This report lists all courses that are taking place between specified dates

Instructor Invoice Report

Instructors can use this report as an invoice to give to the store owner. The report shows a breakdown of all modules and costs on the courses that they taught in a selected date range.

Course Reports Parameters

You can customise the Customers reports using the Parameters Tab.

Reports image v14.1

  1. Period – Choose a time period using one of the presets or specify a date range.
  2. You can further filter course reports using the following fields:
    • Store
    • Employee
    • Course Type

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