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How do I run dive check from EVE?

EVE includes a feature to run PADI Dive Check directly from its interface  and without logging in to PADI Pro’s site.

If the diver you would like to check is recorded as customer in your EVE database, diver’s details will be retrieved from that record and you will not need to retype them.

To complete a Dive Check for a diver who is recorded in your EVE database, please follow this procedure

1) Open the customer record and click the General folder

2) Click on the Tools icon

3) Click on Dive Check

4) A window will popup with diver’s details. These will be the same as those saved in the customer record. Click Search


5) EVE will contact PADI and return all the diver’s certifications. Click Save to Existing Customer

6) EVE will prompt you to select what diver’s details you wish to update. Check those information you need to update

7) Click OK. You may need to close the customer record and reopen it to see the changes.


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How do I mark a customer record (employee or staff) as unavailable?

To mark a customer record (or employee or staff member) as unavailable, please follow this procedure:

  1. Open the customer record and click on the Details folder
  2. Check the Unavailable box
  3. Save the customer record

Customer records marked as unavailable will still display in sales reports as well as any previous transaction, class or trip, however they will no longer be listed when creating a new record like a sales transaction, class, trip, rental booking etc.


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How do I search for customers who belong to a Mailing List?

To search for customers who registered to a particular Mailing List, you can use the Customer Search Wizard, as outlined in the following procedure:


  1. Select the Customers module
  2. Click on Customer Search Wizard
  3. Select the General tab and select one or more Mailing List(s)
  4. Select your Unsubscribers list too, to exclude customers who do no longer wish to be contacted
  5. Click Search
  6. EVE will return your search results. Select each customer, hold CTRL to select more than on
    • A. Use this feature to select all search results
    • B. Click on Email if you wish to send them an email using Microsoft Outlook
    • C. Click on Export to export to Excel or to Mailchimp for marketing








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How do I create tax exemptions for customers

You can mark the customer as having exemptions from tax on the Details tab of their customer record:
You might want to first check that you have marked the tax band(s) as being able to have customer tax exemptions in Inventory / Tax Bands:
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How do I use the Translate tool in EVE

In various parts of EVE you will find that the titles of fields can be translated by the user to the language of their choice.
Where this tool is available you can access it by right-clicking on the mouse and the Translate box will appear, as below, where Name on a Customer record field
has been changed to Nome
This particular area of EVE would be reached by selecting Customers / New. Similarly, should you open a new invoice by going to Sales / Invoices / New, you’ll find that fields such as Customer
can be translated to Cliente, for example. Where right-clicking on the mouse does not result in the Translate box, this feature is not available yet.
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How do I record customer notes, conversations or enquiries?

If you wish to record notes on a general conversation you could add a popup note during or after theconversation.
Open the Customer record, then select Popup Notes, then click New Popup Note and enter the text as appropriate.
If the conversation leads to a specific enquiry then you can again open the Customer record, select Enquiries, then New Enquiry and then add the enquiry and perhaps Schedule Follow-Up Call/E-mail as appropriate.
This will also allow you to search for Enquiries in the Customer Search Wizard.
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How do I Merge Customer Duplicates

After import, should you have any duplicates (perhaps Dan Smith and Daniel Smith), please use EVE’s Merge Customers facility.
Click Customers on the left of the screen and then click Find.
This will open the Customer Search box as shown
with a full listing of all the customers on your database.
Click on the column header in the middle of the screen to sort the people in your database by Last Name.
If you have more than one record for the same customer, you can merge these records by doing the following:
Click on one customer record and the line will turn blue.
Then, holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, click on the other record you wish to merge. This line will now be marked blue also.
If there are 3 or more records of the same person, you can repeat this process.
Again, those line(s) will now be marked blue.
Now, right click anywhere on the dark blue lines to show the popup menu below and click Merge Customers
You will be asked to select which of the records you want as the ‘Master’ record. The data for the other selected customers will be merged with the Master’s and then those other customer records will be deleted, leaving just the Master record on the database.
All records of the following types will be merged:
Certifications, Credit Card details, Service Equipment, Vacation Interests, Course Interests, Mailing Lists, Equipment Profile, Special Interests, Accounts, Rental Bookings, Service Bookings, Dive Details, Transactions.
Please ensure you are the only person running EVE when you merge records.
You may also see information on merging records within the Help manual built into EVE; easily accessed by clicking Help / View Manual from the menu at the top of the screen.
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Importing Data from Excel into EVE

You’ll be able to import from Excel into EVE by using the Excel import templates that are provided within the program.
Using Customers as an example to serve for all:
You can access these by going to, from the top menu in EVE, File / Import and then select Import from Excel and click Import
Please note that clicking Forward will reveal pictures accurately if they don’t display properly here
Highlighting Customers and then clicking the Show Template button
Will open Excel and that template.
These templates are, by default, contained within C:\Program Files\Integrated Scuba Systems\EVE\Import
The key on the import is the structure of the Excel file – please do not change the titles of the columns.
Mandatory data fields have red column titles – optional are coloured black.FAQCustomers12.3
Once your existing data is in the correct format you can then select the Save As option and name the file as you wish.
Please note: we recommend you take a backup of your EVE database prior to import.
You can then import your data by going, again, to File / Import from the top menu and then Import from Excel again and then highlight the data type – Customers, Suppliers etc. – and then select Import
By default this will open them Import folder previously mentioned though you can, of course, navigate to any other location where you have saved your Excel files.
You’ll find the process relatively simple.
You can download a video outlining the process at http://eve.issys.co.uk/files/EVE5Tutorials/EVE5-SimpleImport.exe
Pressing the Space Bar on your keyboard will stop and restart the video for you.
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