Can I set up automatic discounts for my Club Members

First, a discountable Customer Type of Club Member
should be set up. Go to Data / Customer Types / Find to do this and place a check in the Discountable? box
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Then, click on the Discounts tab, then Add, then select which Stock Types
and which Discount Band you wish to apply:
Customers of that type will then automatically receive a discount of the specified amount when they purchase any of those items from you.
To create Discount Bands in general, go to Inventory / Discount Bands / New and then create the appropriate discount:
The formulae are based on RP meaning Retail Price or TP meaning Trade Price.
Theses should be surrounded by square brackets – [ ] – and then the appropriate percentage added or subtracted.
For those items in Packages, you can either just not select Packages as a stock type that bears a discount… if you have packages in a separate stock type.
If not, you’ll need to go to each of the package stock items and manually set the price to the same as the standard retail price
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