How do I collect a credit card payment using Genius/TransportWeb?

Cayan provide 2 payment systems that can be used in EVE: Genius and Transport WEB. Genius uses a physical credit card device so your customers can swipe/insert/touch their credit card. Transport WEB is for card-not-present (phone) transactions so you can type the credit card details.


As a first step, please make sure you have properly setup the corresponding options, as outlined in the instructions.

Then, verify whether your EVE setup already includes a payment method with the following settings or create a new one:

  1. Open EVE and click Data
  2. Go to Payment Methods and click Find
  3. If you need to create a new payment method, click New
  4. Type your payment method name. We recommend a generic Credit Card name, as both Genius and Transport Web can process different card types
  5. Check the Credit/Debit card box
  6. Check the Show Card Details Prompt box
  7. Check the Allow Credit Card Transmission box. These 3 boxes must be checked
  8. Save the settings


At the point of sale, after you have added all the stock items to the invoice, to take a payment using Genius/TransportWeb,

  1. Click on Payments
  2. Click on Credit Card
  3. By default, Genius will be selected. You can choose your preferred method. Use TransportWeb if the card is not present (e.g. you are processing a transaction over the phone).If you choose Transport Web, then form A
  4. Click Continue. If you have select TransportWeb, then form A will be displayed




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