How do I setup Genius/TransportWeb credit card payments?

To setup a Genius/TransportWeb credit card payment, please follow this procedure:


1) Open EVE and click Tools

2) Select Options

3) Click “All PCs” if you want the same credit card account to be used on all PCs running EVE. Click “This PC Only” if you want to use just the active PC.”

4) Select the Point of Sale tab

5) Select the Credit Cards tab

6) Select either Genius or TransportWeb. Once you setup either system, settings will also apply to the other system

7) Enter your Merchant Name

8) Enter your Merchant Key

9) Enter Merchant Site ID. Please make sure Merchant Key and Merchant Site ID are not swapped by mistake, else login will fail

10) Enter your device local IP address. Cayan tech support will help you retrieve your device local IP address when you receive the device

11) Click OK



As a second step, please make sure you have properly setup your payment methods, as outlined in the instructions



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